Simplifying Underfloor Heating for Kiwis

Step 1: Put Hydronix underfloor pipes in your slab.
Leave no regrets from the start!

A concrete slab without underfloor pipes is a home with no future.
You can retrofit ventilation later. You can retrofit PV panels later. You can add a high-wall heat pump later, add a log burner later, add a radiator later.

But you don’t have the chance to put Hydronix underfloor pipes in again!

Let’s put the pipes in the foundation, leave an opportunity for future!
No consent required, one day’s work, we are here to support you, how much simpler can it be?

Hydronix supplies products for hydronic underfloor heating using air-water heat pumps.

Four times the efficiency. Now most luxurious. Now least expensive.

This is the modern way of Underfloor Heating, or In-Slab Heating.  This system gives the same most luxurious comfort as the old direct electrical wired way.  But, at about one fourth the running cost.

Even undertile and undercarpet systems still run at that old efficiency of 1kW of heat energy for each 1kW of electrical energy.

Now modern air to water heat pumps generate about 4kW of heat energy for each 1kW of electrical energy.  That’s right, four times as much.  The heated hot water moves the energy very effectively to your floor slab.

This method will definitely give you the most comfortable heating for your new home.  And it will deliver it at the lowest cost of all.  Our hundreds of clients can tell you that.  We don’t know of any who would ever have their house heated another way.

What is in an Underfloor Heating system?

Floor pipes    



Heat pumps

EcoMaster presentation in March

February 26, 2018

We had a great success on our February presentation. The reviews from the audiences were very informative. Our goal is to take the mystery out of underfloor heating and simplify it for everyone. Now we are going to host another on March. If you have been to our presentation, please inform your families… Read more


February 21, 2018

Response times. A house with underfloor heating will not heat up or cool down quickly – it takes some hours to make a difference. But be aware of this feature… If the sun comes into a room that is already at 20 degrees, the air temperature will shoot up. If… Read more

To mesh or not to mesh

February 9, 2018

To mesh or not to mesh, that is the question. Should underfloor piping be installed onto the mesh, or stapled directly to the polystyrene? Underfloor heating functions by installing plastic pipes into the slab before it is poured. Warm water is then circulated through these pipes which results in a… Read more

Superhome Guided Tour

January 27, 2018

  New Zealand first 10 star home is at 11 Church Square, Addington, Christchurch. Designed by Bob Burnett Architecture, with EcoMaster underfloor heating, hot water heating and ventilation systems and along with many other great products to make the home a SUPERHOME. Now open to the public! Tour at 11am… Read more

New presentation in February

January 25, 2018

Exciting news! Our new presentation is coming up.   Topic: Everything you wanted to know about underfloor heating – but were afraid to ask. Date: 6:00pm, Wednesday, 21st Feb.  Speaker: John Kipping – underfloor heating guru Place: Home Ideas Centre, 37 Mandeville Street, Riccarton, Christchurch If you don’t know much about underfloor heating or central… Read more

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