Pex-B pipes 300m roll

  • $400/roll ($ 1.33/m)
  • GST incl.

Product Features

Using two-layer composite materials:

Inner layer material is silicone cross-linked polyethylene which color is white, and passed the drinking water standards, and green environment, has the capacity of heat-resistance for a long time and aging resistance with innocuity as well as corrosion resistance; Outer layer mix with polyethylene, carton black and oxidation inhibitor, has the excellent capacity of ultraviolet radiation resistance, Compared with current common metal pipes, it is more heat-preservation and energy-saving. Therefore, it will be a new type of pipe with benefit to environmental protection


  • Long service life of 50 years
  • Yieldingness
  • Anti-ultraviolet & Oxygen barrier
  • No dewfall, no incrustation
  • Never rust
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-aging, innocuity sanitation
  • Low coefficient thermal conductivity
  • Wall of pipe smooth and little resistance
  • High-impact strength, Never breed bacteria
  • High and low temperature resistant, can be used under -70°C~110°C

Can be used at

  1. Civil building cold and hot water pipeline system
  2. Food, Chemical, electronics and other industrial pipe networks
  3. Ground radiator heating pipeline system
  4. Factory air compressed pipe network
  5. Agriculture and garden irrigation system
  6. Solar water heater most suitable pipe
  7. Drinking pure water pipeline system
  8. Rain water pipe network
  9. Swimming pool pipe network

Product Specifications

Dimension ID 12, OD 16 mm
Package H*L*W 780x780x190 mm
Gross weight 25.5 kg
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